Aboard's collaboration with the Nordic Family Office

Nordic Family Office is a competence center for owners of family companies. Our experience is that an awareness of ownership roles and responsibilities is of great importance for the further development of both the ownership and the company. We work to professionalize the ownership of family companies and offer a wide range of advice, expertise and practical learning with tailor-made solutions for the individual family.

Our team has over 30 years' experience of working closely with the owners and management of family companies, where good corporate governance and family dynamics are the focus. We understand the unique challenges that arise when work relationships intersect with family relationships and are passionate about the success of family companies. We help owners and the next generation of owners to deal with questions that are critical for the next generation to succeed in running the company.

Why partner with Aboard

"Through our collaboration, we in the Nordic Family Office will get a business-oriented partner who can contribute to family companies being successful in getting a board in place that can optimize their work. At the same time, the Nordic Family Office will reach a wide range of families that we can assist with our expertise. We look forward to a constructive and pleasant collaboration"